Game of Death

Samstag, 24.02.2018 - 22:00

GAME OF DEATH - An Improv Solo with Jacob Banigan

Taking inspiration from the audience and a deck of fortune-telling cards, Jacob Banigan evokes exotic settings, embodies diverse characters and hurtles through intriguing stories. But he is not totally in control; there are twists he cannot predict, elements are controlled by the audience, and the Egg Timer Of Death is always ticking...

Tickets im VVK 10€ / 8€ ermäßigt
Abendkasse 12€ / 10€ ermäßigt
Kombiticket pro Abend im VVK 18€ / 14€ ermäßigt
Kombiticket pro Abend an der Abendkasse 21€ / 18€ ermäßigt

Samstag, 24.02.2018

Moltkestraße 20
Karlsruhe 76133